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About Hide Me (hide.me)

Hide Me is very well-known for their Free Online Web Proxy service which we consider as one of the greatest tools that kind out there. They also offer standard VPN solutions including hide.me Free VPN. The company started in 2012 and is based in Malaysia.

Please be aware that the use of Free Proxies could be in some cases dangerous, for example never use it for online banking.

We also recommend you to connect only to websites and services using HTTPS and never use a public proxy that bans the use of HTTPS.

HideMe Logo

hide.me Logo

Features Overview

Hide Me Free Web Proxy in comparison to other proxy solutions, offers a competitive set of useful features such as URL encryption or option to disable cookies. On top of that, you will be able to connect to 3 different servers.

  • easily access blocked websites
  • surf the web anonymously
  • 3 locations to choose from (Netherlands, Germany, USA)
  • ability to allow/disable cookies
  • encrypt Page or URL
  • remove objects or scripts
HideMe (Hide Me) Free Web Proxy

Hide Me (hide.me) Free Web Proxy – Search Box

What websites does hide.me unblocks?

One of the main reasons why people using proxies so often is that they trying to bypass geographical restrictions on popular websites. So, let’s have a look at what sites you will be able to unblock while using Hide Me Free Web Proxy.

Unblocks Youtube.com?❌ (videos not supported)
Unblocks Facebook.com?
Unblocks Twitter.com?✅ (mobile version only)
Unblocks CNN.com?✅ (works but layout of the page is broken)
Unblocks BBC.co.uk?✅ ( works but layout of the page is broken)
Unblocks Google.com?
Unblocks Baidu.com?
Unblocks Wikipedia.org?
Unblocks Yahoo.com?
Unblocks Qq.com?
Unblocks Amazon.com?
Unblocks Netflix.com?
Unblocks Instagram.com?
Unblocks Linkedin?
Unblocks Pinterest?
Unblocks Hulu.com

How to use Hide Me Free Online Proxy?

It’s so simple as surfing the web using your Internet Browser. Just follow a couple of simple steps below.

  1. Go to Hide Me Free Web Proxy page page.
  2. [OPTIONAL] Select from what location you want to be seen on the internet by choosing a server in drop-down menu titled with “Proxy location”.
  3. [OPTIONAL] In the “More option” drop-down you can select following: Allow Cookies, Encrypt URL, Encrypt Page, Remove Scripts or Remove Objects.
  4. Enter your desired URL and then just click the “Visit anonymously” button.
  5. The desired URL will be shown in browser mode, where settings adjustment could be made or you easily can go to another web page using the address bar.

What is a Web Free Proxy?

The Free Proxy server is sort of buffer between internet resources and your computer, which allows you to bypass all content restrictions and allows you to browse websites anonymously, without showing your real location (your IP address is hidden) to anyone.

See our list of the top 10 best free web proxies.

If you want to encrypt your whole internet connection and enjoy all advantages of VPN solution, check the VPN comparison where we carefully handpicked the best ones.

Also, have a look at how secure you are while using different security tool – Key Differences – Proxy vs. Tor vs. VPN. Major differences you can see in the table below.

Hides your real location
Hides your real IP address
Protects your privacy
Unblocks geo-restricted contentOnly someOnly some
Doesn't slow down your connection
Works on games and other apps
PriceFreeFree~$9.99 monthly

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