DotVPN Free VPN 2019 for Chrome — Review & Test

Dot VPN is Free VPN Extension (add-on) for Chrome Browser. The service is provided by a company called Smart Security operating under Hong Kong’s jurisdiction.

They provide around 700 servers in 29 countries, although most of them are unavailable unless you go premium.

Dot VPN has 4096-bit encryption, OpenVPN, embedded Tor, a cloud-based firewall and an ad blocker. The speed is really far from good. There are serious privacy concerns and the service, like many others, is unable to unblock Netflix.

DotVPN for Chrome Logo

DotVPN for Chrome Logo

The company offers extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, with additional compatibility with iOS and Android.

DotVPN has servers in the United States, the Netherlands, France, Romania, Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Russia, the UK, Israel, Norway, Ireland, Spain, Iceland, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, Canada, Japan, Singapore and Australia.

Keep in mind that this is not a real VPN application and it won’t encrypt completely your bandwidth (e.g. BitTorrent, games, FTP client) to do so you have to download Free VPN client or buy a VPN service or check at least our comparison of best VPNs for Chrome.

Pricing & Discounts – How much does DotVPN Premium Account cost?

Dot VPN offers a lifetime free plan. However, the free version only allows access to servers in the US, France, and the Netherlands. The premium account starts at $4.99 per month, $2.90 if you choose to pay once per year, or $1.60 per month if you subscribe for the next three years.

DotVPN Premium Plan Pricing

DotVPN Premium Plan Pricing

Users that choose DotVPN’s premium service will enjoy faster servers (it still won’t make a huge difference, though) plus video and audio streaming.

The brand accepts all the major credit cards and PayPal, as well as Bitcoin. Be aware that the refund policy is a little tricky since you are not allowed to exceed 10 GB per month.

User Interface – Is DotVPN easy to use?

Overall, the Chrome browser extension is easy to use. It requires you to install the add-on, create an account (no email validation is needed), choose a location, and enable the VPN connection. What we really appreciate is a well-polished and really different design of the app, comparing to the others VPNs for Chrome.

DotVPN for Chrome Interface

DotVPN for Chrome Interface

Unfortunately, we have experienced a couple of times that the client stopped working. There were cases where the extension took a long time to authorize access, as well. So you may need to delete and re-install, contact the support staff or delete cache and cookies.

DotVPN for Chrome Connected

DotVPN for Chrome Connected

There are several extra features you can use and they are quite good, considering it’s a free app!

  • Connect On Start
  • Bandwidth Saver
  • AD Block
  • Tracking Protection
  • Block Analytics
DotVPN for Chrome Settings

DotVPN for Chrome Settings

Does DotVPN for Chrome Unblock YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, HBO GO, Amazon Prime, & BBC iPlayer?

During our testing, DotVPN~ worked well with YouTube, Google, and Facebook. Unfortunately, we have not been able to connect to Netflix and Hulu.

Hola Free VPN for Chrome doesn't unblock Netflix

 DotVPN for Chrome doesn’t unblock Netflix

The same problem we had with BBC iPlayer but that wasn’t a big surprise since BBC iPlayer blocks nearly all VPN services, except HideMyAss VPN which recently even announced new feature IP Stickinees for Improved Netflix and BBC iPlayer streaming.

How to add DotVPN to Chrome Browser?

Adding DotVPN to your Google Chrome Browser is easy, all you need to do is follow these 4 simple steps below

  1. Go to DotVPN Chrome Store page.
  2. Click the button “Add to Chrome” in right upper corner of the overlay window.
  3. Create an account (no email validation is needed).
  4. All done! Enjoy DotVPN for Chrome 🚀


DotVPN has privacy concerns and keeps some logs, also speed is rather average. DotVPN has some extra features and super polished, beautiful design. Given that, we would rather recommend to check other, let’s say better, VPNs for Chrome.

In case you are seeking for more privacy and encryption of all your internet connection, including other apps than your browser. You should rather check our comparison of Best VPN solutions out there.


  • Free version
  • Well-designed App
  • Advanced features

  • Average speed
  • Keeps logs
  • Overall
  • User Ratings (1 Votes)

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