VyprVPN Adds New Feature to Automatically Switch Protocol When Connection Fails


Swiss-based VPN provider VyprVPN has recently added a cool new feature to their Windows, Mac, and Android products. It is called Automatic Troubleshooting and it automatically changes VPN protocol if the current one is crashing. This is extremely useful in case of sudden connection interruptions or protocol blocking on the country level (e.g. in China).

VyprVPN offers a great choice of VPN protocols:

  • PPTP – Basic VPN protocol offering fast connection, but only 128-bit encryption
  • L2TP/IPsec – Advanced VPN protocol offering 256-bit encryption, but the connection may be slower
  • OpenVPN™ – The most popular and recommended VPN protocol offering great encryption (256-bit) and speeds
  • Chameleon™ – A custom protocol developed by VyprVPN based on the OpenVPN protocol. Designed for users who are experiencing VPN blocking or connection speed issues

from which you can select the one you want to use to handle the connection. If the selected one fails, the Automatic Troubleshooting feature will automatically select next one if the user allows it. No reconnection is needed and all data remains protected.

VyprVPN Interface - Connection Established

VyprVPN Interface – Connection Established

This feature is particularly designed for users in regions where some of the VPN protocols are being blocked by the ISPs/government. Now you don’t need to try and reconnect which of the protocols is actually working, just pick one and the app will handle everything for you.

We haven’t heard about a similar feature being available in other products/vendors, which gives VyprVPN a great advantage on the market.

Automatic Troubleshooting is available to all users of VyprVPN and VyprVPN Premium on Windows, Mac and Android devices.


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