KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Goes Free With VPN Lite


KeepSolid, creator of the popular VPN Unlimited decided to enter a free VPN space with the new app called VPN Lite. The app is available only on the iOS and Android devices. What are the differences and is it worth trying?

What is quite confusing is the combination of brand and products. So we have KeepSolid, a US company which is behind VPN Unlimited and VPN Lite. But, there is VPN Lite Free and VPN Lite Turbo. What are the differences between them?

VPN Lite Free on iPhone
VPN Lite Free on iPhone & Android

VPN Unlimited vs. VPN Lite

VPN Unlimited is a premium (paid) VPN service for all platforms. It starts at $9.99 per month. VPN Lite is a free VPN, but available only on iOS and Android devices.

Compared to its paid sister, VPN Lite offers only 1 free server in the US, California. It doesn’t have Kill Switch or advanced protocol called KeepSolid Wise. It also supports only single connection.

But it’s free, doesn’t require registration and the app is super simple to use. It’s a perfect solution when you are at the airport on the public Wi-Fi.

The VPN Lite Free is full of up-sells to VPN Lite Turbo which offers more servers and better encryption. But there are quite soft and not bothering.

What is really confusing is the welcome screen once you install the application. There are many call-to-actions and you can easily fall into the trap called 7-day free trial which is a pre-authorized trial and after 7 days you will be charged a full price. So make sure you select the “Free only“.

Free Download of VPN Lite for iOS and Android

The app itself is quite hard to find on the App Store, if you search for “VPN Lite” you will get different VPN services. Probably the easiest way is to search “KeepSolid” and select “VPN Lite Without Registration”.

Or simply use the buttons below:

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