Verizon Launches Its Own VPN Called Safe Wi-Fi


Verizon, one of the biggest telco companies in the US just announced the release of their own VPN product. The product is called Safe Wi-Fi and will be offered to Verizon’s customers for $3.99 per month which is pretty cheap. But would you trust “such” company to protect your personal data?

Looks like more and more companies from different industry realize how important the VPN connection is. Shortly after Pornhub released free VPN service VPNhub, Verizon is coming with their own. Unfortunately, it’s not free.

Version Safe Wi-Fi App on iPhone

Version Safe Wi-Fi App on iPhone

Verizon Safe Wi-Fi is available only to current subscribers and works only on Android and iOS devices (so no Windows or macOS). The monthly cost of $3.99 is quite decent and sounds like a good value. It supports 10 simultaneous connections, but each needs to have a valid Verizon subscription.

The app itself is rather a basic VPN solution with no advanced features like kill switch or DNS leak protection. It’s not clear how the data are encrypted and which protocol is being used. Looks like the only worth mentioning feature is Ad Tracker Blocker (funny name btw.) which blocks advertisers from tracking your activity on the Internet.

Privacy Issues and Development by McAfee

As IPVanish pointed out, the app is actually developed by a security giant McAfee. Also, McAfee has acquired TunnelBear in March 2018. But at this point, we would only speculate whether there is some connection between TunnelBear and Verizon Safe Wi-Fi.

Some of the latest Verizon’s privacy issues also doesn’t help to make us trust this app. In January 2018, many US telcos (Verizon including) pledged to stop selling users real-time location data to 3rd party companies.

In 2016, Verizon got a massive fine of $1.35 million for violating user’s privacy by keeping their web browsing history stored in so-called supercookies.

How to Download Verizon Safe Wi-Fi App

To download the app simply go to the App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android devices (actually, we are not able to find this app on the Google Play right now).

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