NordVPN is Introducing Wi-Fi Auto Connect Feature for Android App


NordVPN is releasing a new update to their Android app which adds a cool new feature – Wi-Fi Auto Connect. Every time you will connect to any Wi-Fi network, NordVPN will automatically connect you (if enabled) to the closest VPN server, so your identity is always protected and you don’t need to connect manually.

NordVPN Android App

NordVPN Android App

This is a really great feature because it happens very often that users simply forget to use the VPN even if they have it installed on their device. NordVPN brings a simple solution so you are always protected without any hassle.

To set it up simply open your NordVPN on Android and go to My Account & Settings » Auto Connect and you can select a server location.

NordVPN Auto Connect Settings on Android

NordVPN Auto Connect Settings on Android

You can also customize the automatic connection feature using following settings:

  • Enable only on unsecured Wi-Fi networks (e.g., at coffee shops, stores, hotels, airports, libraries, etc.);
  • Enable only on secured Wi-Fi networks (e.g., at home, work);
  • Enable on both secured and unsecured Wi-Fi networks.

Based on the comments, users are very pleased with this new feature. So far this feature is available only on the Android device, however, NordVPN confirmed they are working hard to release it also for their iOS app. This feature is also quite unique and there aren’t many other vendors which would support it.

It is no surprise that NordVPN is currently our leader of VPN comparison with the rating of 83%.


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