NordVPN and VyprVPN Audited Their No-log Policy


NordVPN is a technology leader in the VPN space. To prove their position, they have accomplished a first-ever independent audit of the (no-)logging policies. But they can’t share the results. While another VPN provider, VyprVPN published the full 28-page report.

NordVPN is the best VPN product according to our independent review, scoring 96%. One of the reasons why we recommend this product is due to their privacy policies.

Many providers are marketing the so-called “no-log policies”, but for the end user it’s very hard to tell whether that’s true and to which degree.

So NordVPN decided to prove the World they are honest about this fact and hired a 3rd party company (one of the Big 4 which according to VPNpro is PwC) to audit what information they are logging and whether any of them can potentially lead to identifying the specific user.

VyprVPN has chosen Leviathan Security which is a respected information management security company formed from the security experts from various companies.

Just to be clear, every VPN company does log some data, what matters is for how long and whether they are anonymized, so they can’t lead to identify any user.

NordVPN Results of the Audit Can’t be Published

Unfortunately, the full report of NordVPN audit can’t be published. But the team says:

We are very pleased with the results of the audit. We believe that they accurately reflect our responsibilities to our clients and the values our service is built upon.

Daniel Markuson, NordVPN Blog

You may ask what for is an audit which results can’t be actually published. But that’s quite a standard practice. We think that even the fact that NordVPN has invest significant resources to review their logging processes is a good thing.

On the other hand, Leviathan has published the full VyprVPN audit report which says:

… connection data is anonymized and can be turned off by user
configuration. Connections are logged during authentication, but logs that could identify users are kept only for a short time …

Leviathan Security, VyprVPN No Log Assessment

Will Other “No-log” VPN Providers Follow?

We would definitely recommend using both NordVPN and VyprVPN from the privacy standpoint. No matter what the results of the audit are, they proven they have nothing to hide and are willing to accept any recommendations when it comes to privacy of their users.

We also hope, this will motivate more VPN vendors to go public with similar privacy audits.

But the best audit still remains when law authorities ask VPN provider to provide data and access to their servers. Only this will truly reveal what is being logged as even independent audit can be manipulated.

About NordVPN & VyprVPN

NordVPN is our #1 most recommended VPN solution. Scoring 96% in our independent review. It offers advanced features, a wide variety of servers and reliable no-log policy. With our special discount coupon, you can have it for only $2.99 per month.

VyprVPN is a reliable VPN from Switzerland also known as the Golden Frog. Product scored solid 74% in our independent test review. It offers good level of security, but its quite pricey as it starts at $12.95 per month.



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