NordVPN Releases New App for Android TVs

Our best-rated VPN vendor NordVPN has just released a brand new app for Android TVs. NordVPN has been supporting many platforms from Windows and macOS (including browser extensions) to Android and iOS. But app dedicated to Android TVs was missing until now and we are super happy to try it out.

Using a VPN solution on your smart Android TV is just as important as on your smartphone. However, the use cases are slightlyย different. For example, you are not logging into your online banking account or sending e-mails. But you can still make in-app purchases.

Typical use cases why using VPN on smart TVs makes sense are:

  • Securityย โ€“ Even though you are not logging into your bank account, you still logging to services like Netflix or YouTube. And unless you have a VPN on your router, the login information may be easilyย stolen by a hacker. Some TV apps also collect your credit card information during in-app purchases.
  • Unblocking geo-restricted contentย โ€“ Some of the TV apps offers a different content based on your location. To unlock the full potential you can select any of the 62 countries NordVPN offers.
  • Smooth streaming โ€“ Some ISPs are intentionally lowering down the connection speed for streaming services. With NordVPN installed you can enjoy smooth streaming as no one will tell on what exactly you are using your Internet connection.
NordVPN App for Android TVs

NordVPN App for Android TVs

NordVPN for Android TVs comes with a great set of features which you know from the Windows app. That includes:

  • Quick Connectย โ€“ Connects to the closest and fastest VPN server with a single click.
  • CyberSecย โ€“ Blocks malware-infected websites and annoying ads when browsing.
  • Tough Encryptionย โ€“ Encrypts traffic using an OpenVPN protocol with AES-256-CBC encryption.
  • TCP Portsย โ€“ Allows you to switch between TCP and UDP protocols.
  • Customer Serversย โ€“ Allows you to chose from many types of servers (P2P, Onion over VPN, Anti DDoS, Double VPN, Dedicated IP)

How to Download & Install NordVPN for Android TV

NordVPN offers generous 6 simultaneous connections, so if you already have your subscription, you can simply install it using the steps below:

  1. Open Google Play Store on your Android TV
  2. Search for ‘NordVPN’ and download it
  3. Login to your existing NordVPN account
  4. Once the app is up and running select Quick Connect and you are all set

If you don’t have a NordVPN subscription yet, you can get it below from $3.29 per month thanks to ourย special deal.

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