Hide My Ass (HMA!) Pro VPN 4.0 Brings Four New Features


One of our favorite VPN products, HMA! a.k.a. Hide My Ass (85% in our review) has been updated. Latest version 4.0 brings (coincidentally) four new features. We have already written about two of them – Kill Switch and IP Shuffle. But what are the other two?

HMA VPN is notoriously known for having the most VPN servers around the world in 190 countries. That is very impressive. It is also known for lacking some of the common features, but that is not true anymore. The latest update 4.0 brings Kill Switch, IP Shuffle, redesigned Location Mode (including Trusted Networks) and much faster infrastructure protected with Full Disk Encryption.

HideMyAss – Location Mode Selector

HideMyAss – Location Mode Selector

To read more about the Kill Switch and IP Shuffle features check out our older post. The other two new features bring:

  • Improved Location Mode – Now includes a list of trusted non-VPN networks on which you won’t be connected automatically to the VPN server
  • Faster Infrastructure – According to the blog post, the new infrastructure should be up to 200% faster than the original one. It also comes with Full Disk Encryption which protects the company servers in any location against physical attacks or attempts to manipulate with the servers (e.g. law enforcement raid).

Apparently, some of the features from v2.0 have been taken out, but we are not sure exactly which. If you know which exactly, please let us know in the comments below.

The latest version 4.0 is available in 27 languages for all platforms including Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices.

During June 2018 You Can Get HMA! Pro VPN at 50% Off

During June 2018 You Can Get HMA! Pro VPN at 50% Off

If you don’t have HMA! Pro VPN 4.0 yet, you can now get it with a 50% discount. That is $71.88 for a yearly subscription (e.g. $5.99 per month) which is a really decent price. Competitors like ExpressVPN or NordVPN will cost you around $10 per month.


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