HideMyAss Redesigned Website, Logo and their Mascot


HideMyAss, one of the top VPN service providers, completely redesigned their website, logo and even their mascot Jack. Unfortunately, we haven’t noticed any other new features or app improvements.

The new version of the website comes with more enhanced designing. The dominant orange color was replaced by blue. Mascot Jack got stronger and also became website’s narrator and lector. See for yourselves and make your own opinion ;).

HideMyAss Old vs New Website

HideMyAss Old vs New Website

So far it looks like only website has been revamped as the application looks the same.

About HideMyAss

HideMyAss is well-known brand and one of the pioneers among VPN services providers. Operates since 2005. As main benefits, we can list definitely the biggest VPN network (uses 840+ VPN servers in 320+ locations covering 190 countries), very intuitive and friendly interface and last but not least a cool brand :).


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