Hide My Ass (HMA) VPN Gets Kill Switch and IP Shuffle Features (Finally!)


Hide My Ass (HMA) VPN has been always one of the best products on the market, especially due to their great variate of servers in more than 200 countries. But they kind of lacked in supporting advanced features compared to ExpressVPN or NordVPN. They seem to realize it and they have just added two great features to the HMA! Pro VPN product – the Kill Switch and IP Shuffling.

Kill Switch is a feature which immediately disconnects you when there is a risk of your real identity being revealed. For example, when you are connecting to a different VPN server. This feature has become quite a standard in the World of advanced VPN solutions and it’s great to see another VPN vendor is supporting it.

Hide My Ass VPN – Kill Switch Settings

Hide My Ass VPN – Kill Switch Settings

Until recently this feature was available only for Android users, but now it comes also to Windows and macOS computers.

IP Shuffling is randomly changing your IP address when enabled. This is a great tool to confuse hackers or anyone else who is trying to track you down and reveal your real IP address. You can set the IP to change every hour or even every 3 minutes (up to you). IP Shuffle is using VPN servers in the same country, so your location will be kept the same, only the IP address will change.

Just remember it is important to enable also Kill Switch when changing your IP, so your identity is hidden all the time. Technically IP Shuffle disconnects you from the current VPN server and automatically connects you to the one in the same location.

The new update is available to all HMA! Pro VPN users on Windows and Mac platforms. If you are thinking about getting HMA VPN just now, use the button below or read our full review.


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