ExpressVPN 6.6.1 for Windows Comes With 4 New Features


ExpressVPN, our recommended VPN product, has just released the latest update (numbered 6.6.1) to its Windows version and it comes with 4 new features. Two of them are really valuable (Split Tunneling, Leak Protection), while the other two are rather minor (improved connection, new log view). All current users are eligible to download the update for free.

ExpressVPN User Interface

ExpressVPN User Interface

ExpressVPN is one of our Top 5 VPN services with 80% score in the review, so we are happy to see the product continues to be improved. The latest update brings 4 new features:

1. Split Tunneling

Split Tunneling basically allows you to set for which applications you want to use VPN connection and for which you don’t. For example, you can allow VPN connection on your browser app and disallow on Steam, so your download speeds are unaffected.

Be careful about which programs you are disallowing from the VPN connection as it will make you exposed. But games should be fine.

2. DNS Leak Protection for IPv6

DNS Leak Protection for IPv6 blocks requests to any other DNS server besides ExpressVPN, so you can be sure your DNS is never exposed (leaked).

ExpressVPN is also providing a useful online tool called DNS Leak Test using which you can test your browser for DNS leaks.

3. Log View

Not much of a feature, but may be useful for advanced users who can now view the fully included application log. The application log includes information about the client actions and behavior.

It may be also used (of course, after you provide it) for the ExpressVPN Customer Service to easily identify issues in your application.

4. Improved Activation and Connection

This one is also minor. An overall connection has been improved as well as the subscription activation. Guess this comes with almost any update.


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