How to Watch BBC iPlayer Abroad TESTED & WORKS


Are you outside the UK and want to use BBC iPlayer? Almost all BBC TV services are blocked, if you do not have UK IP address. We will show you a workaround, which unlike other guides on the internet really works. Then you will be able to watch again TV shows and episodes on BBC iPlayer.

Unblock BBC iPlayer

Unblock BBC iPlayer

The only way how to use BBC iPlayer is to pretend to be in Britain. In order to do that you have use Virtual Private Network (VPN) for iPlayer, then you will be able to watch all BBC channels from anywhere.

There are many VPN providers which claim that their solution works. Anyway based on our testing the only functional one is HideMyAss VPN with use of UK Donkey Town server, specially optimized for this purpose. HideMyAss also recently significantly improved streaming with their new IP Stickiness feature.

How to set up a VPN for BBC iPlayer

  1. Download and install HideMyAss – HideMyass Review.
  2. Run the app and connect via the UK, Donkey Town server.
  3. Congratulation! Now your workaround is set up and ready to stream your favorite shows.

BBC services without restrictions

Those BBC services you will be able to use even without a VPN

Note: You can also use BBC iPlayer outside the UK if you download programmes in advance on your computer or mobile/tablet before you go.


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