10 Best Free Online VPN Web Proxy Sites in 2020 – 100% Working & Tested

A proxy server is a great solution if you want to anonymize your browsing or go around the country restrictions. The main advantages of proxy are that its based on the web service, so you don’t need to install any application, and you can use for free without any registration.

The biggest disadvantage of using a proxy is security. There are so many proxy services online, but most of them are just being used to harvest sensitive data of its user. So you need to be really careful about which proxy server you will use. We definitely recommend staying away from shady ones which have hidden provider.

Another big disadvantage is often a server speed. Since the free proxy service is being used by so many users, and the infrastructure is often limited. The speed and loading times may be quite slow.

However, we have put together a list of the best top 10 proxy web proxy sites, which are all free, fast, secure, and working. So go ahead and chose any.

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Free Proxy SiteProsConsServers LocationsConclusion
#1 HideMyAss ProxyHideMyAss Proxy100% FREE
  • Modern and polished design (search bar can be fully minimized)
  • Run by a trustworthy VPN company
  • Set of advanced features (Encrypt URL, Disable cookies, Remove scripts)
  • Ads to purchase VPN (can be turned off easily)
?? USA (New York City)
?? USA (Seattle)
?? Germany (Frankfurt)
?? Netherlands
?? UK (London)
?? Czech Republic

Trustworthy Free Proxy Site which offers 6 locations, great speed and set of advanced feature. Give it a try!

#2 VPNBook ProxyVPNBook Prox100% FREE
  • Lightweight Free Proxy
  • Great speed!
  • No advanced features
?? USA
?? Canada
?? UK
?? France

Even though this Proxy Site lacks some advanced features, we recommend it due to its great speed and simplicity.

#3 ProxySiteProxy Site Proxy100% FREE
  • Great speed
  • Set of advanced features
  • Disguise your browser
  • Outdated design
?? USA (15 servers)
?? Europe (10 servers)

Well known Free Proxy Site with great speed and an enormous amount of servers!

4everproxy4everproxy100% FREE
  • Huge list of Web Servers and IP locations
  • Option to easily insert and use external Proxy Server
  • Great speed
  • Set of advanced features
  • Search bar cannot be hidden
  • Ads promote shady services
Web Servers:
?? USA (Seattle)
?? USA (Phoenix)
?? Canada (Quebec)
??Poland (Warsaw)

IP Locations:

Great speed and a huge list of IP locations for Free. Just do not click on any ads, which promote shady services.

KProxyKProxy Proxy100% FREE
  • Encrypts the connection
  • Unable to switch between servers during browsing session
  • Outdated design
  • Slow connection speed
? 10 servers (unknown locations)

Rather an average Proxy Site with which offers a lot of servers but with lower speed and a limited amount of privacy features.

Zalmos ProxyZalmos Proxy100% FREE
  • Unblocks all popular websites
  • Decent speed
  • Free Proxy optimized for India ?? and all around South Asia
  • No advanced features
  • Unable to switch between locations during browsing session
  • Search bar can not be hidden
?? Netherlands
?? France

Decent Free Proxy Site which unblocks most of the online content. Great in India and all around South Asia.

Whoer Web ProxyWhoer Web Proxy100% FREE
  • Only Free Proxy which supports Google Search
  • Built-in Speed Test
  • Extremely slow connection speed
  • Lack of privacy-related and ad-blocking features
?? Netherlands (2 servers)

Really slow connection speed but the only Free Proxy which supports Google Search.

Hide Me ProxyHide Me Proxy100% FREE
  • Set of advanced features
  • Youtube does not work
  • Slow connection speed
  • Annoying pop-up which cannot be fully closed
?? USA
?? Germany
?? Netherlands

Decent and mainly trustworthy Free Proxy site, which unfortunately does not unblocks Youtube.

Hidester ProxyHidester Proxy100% FREE
  • Nice and easy to use
  • Set of advanced features
  • Option to change the browser referrer and clear cookies within session
  • Free Proxy optimized for China ??
  • Youtube does not work
  • Slow connection speed
?? USA (opt. for China)
?? Europe

Free Proxy Site which is optimized for China with quite unique set of advanced features.

FilterBypass ProxyFilterBypass Proxy100% FREE
  • Decent speed
  • Set of advanced features
  • Outdated design
  • Unable to pick location

Basic free proxy with decent speed. Unfortunately, there are no locations you can choose from.

What is Proxy Server

The proxy server often simply referred to as proxy is a server between the client (browser) and the Internet. In theory, it’s very similar to the VPN approach (in fact, VPN is just an enhanced proxy), but it’s far less secured and very limited in terms of server locations.

Instead of a client sending the data or requests directly to the final server (e.g. Facebook.com), it is using a proxy server in the middle which hides the real client location and IP address.

Connection to the Internet via Proxy Server

Connection to the Internet via Proxy Server

Proxies are typically used within the browser itself, so you don’t need to download and install any program. You just go to the web proxy site and “surf” through it. The biggest disadvantage is many free proxies are actually run by hackers only to spoof on people. And if the proxy is legit, it’s still very slow and offers only a limited amount of locations.

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