Download the Best Free VPN Apps for Amazon Firestick in 2020

Amazon Firestick is a hugely popular streaming device by Amazon. It plugs into your TV and turns your regular TV into a smart TV. It lets you watch movies and shows directly from your TV instead of playing it on your small screen laptop or phone.

However, as with several other streaming channels, it is also geo-blocked, which means you can access only those movies and shows that are allowed in your country. Based on their location, some users get more content to stream than others.

Of course, the best ways to bypass geo-restrictions is by using a VPN. However, not all VPNs offer services on Amazon Firestick.

To find a VPN that runs on it, you can check the Fire TV app store and look for VPN apps there. But there are some considerations to keep in mind. The VPN you choose must be a trusted provider. Whatever you watch or add to your list will be seen by your VPN provider. Whether you’re into gore movies or lustful TV shows, that’s nobody else’s business.

To make it easier we have already compared the top VPN providers and found the best solution for Amazon Fire TV and Firestick – ExpressVPN. See also our guide how to install VPN on Firestick or Amazon Firestick in three simple steps.

Free VPN for Amazon Firestick

Free VPN for Amazon Firestick

You don’t want someone to keep tabs on whatever you watch, which is why it’s important to get a zero-logs provider. When a VPN provider offers zero-log services, it means they don’t track your activities. So the show you watch will not be monitored by them.

While this can be expected from paid companies who get their payments from the money you pay for subscriptions, free companies often earn from ads or by selling your data to advertising companies.

This is why it’s often recommended to get paid VPN services. However, if you want to get a free VPN, we have some recommendations for you. Keep in mind though, that these companies offer limited bandwidth so you’ll be able to watch only a couple of shows or movies.

Here are our choices for free VPNs for Amazon Firestick, unfortunately, most of them support Amazon Firestick devices only if the connection is set up on a router!

Free VPNProsConsLimitationsConclusion
#1 Hotspot Shield VPNHotspot Shield VPN100% FREE
  • Great speed!
  • Beautiful user interface
  • Strong encryption
  • Detect & Block web trackers
  • Extension for Google Chrome
  • One location (in the US)
  • 500MB / month data transfer limit
  • 1 location

Our top pick. Free VPN with great speed, nice & simple user interface and strong encryption. Give it a try!


#2 TunnelBear VPNTunnelBear VPN100% FREE
  • A nice & simple user interface
  • Great browser extension
  • Multi-platform support (up to 5 devices)
  • Limited infrastructure
  • 500MB / month data transfer limit (+500MB for a tweet)
  • 21 locations (same as premium version)

Great Free VPN which is safe and simple to use. Recommended for beginners.

#3 ProtonVPNProtonVPN100% FREE
  • Great Windows app
  • No log files
  • The Free version includes also 7-day free trial of Proton Plus
  • Limited speed
  • Beside Win version, installation is a bit more complicated
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 3 locations
One of the best Free VPN solution out there. No data limit and decent speed.

Windscribe VPNWindscribe VPN100% FREE
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections
  • Built-in adblocker and firewall
  • Supports many operating systems (incl. TVs and Routers)
  • Most servers are really slow
  • 10GB / month data transfer limit (+5GB for a tweet, +1GB for a friend)
  • 11 locations

Nice app with generous data transfer limit. The slower speed will negatively affect the video-streaming.

HideMe VPNHideMe VPN100% FREE
  • Limited protocol support
  • Outdated user interface
  • 2GB / month data transfer
  • 11 locations
  • Only 1 simultaneous connection

Free VPN with decent speed and advanced features offering also top-notch Free Proxy service.

  • A nice and modern user interface
  • 128-bit encryption
  • No activity or connection logs
  • Slow speed
  • 2GB / month data transfer limit
  • 1 location only

Might be useful in pair with another Free VPN once you are out of data.

Speedify VPNSpeedify VPN100% FREE
  • Speed test feature and well-arranged UI
  • P2P is allowed
  • Blocked by Netflix
  • 1GB / month data transfer limit

Easy to use and well-designed VPN app. Besides a lot of locations, Speedify allows P2P (torrenting).

Opera VPNOpera VPN100% FREE
  • Fast speed
  • WebRTC leak protection
  • Extremely simple to use
  • Available only in Opera browser
  • No P2P
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 2 locations

Fastest Free VPN solution but with only 2 locations. Available only in Opera browser.

VPNhubVPNhub100% FREE
  • No data limit
  • No log files
  • Free only on mobile
  • Only one location (US)
  • Unlimited data transfer
  • 1 location data transfer

Free VPN product from Pornhub with no data limit. Not related with adult services. Requires premium subscription for Windows or Mac.

  • Advanced features
  • Simple user interface
  • Some servers are slow
  • Can’t choose a city to connect
  • 3-day Free Trial

One of the best VPNs on the market, which definitely worth-a-try.

CyberGhost VPNCyberGhost VPNFREE TRIAL
  • The best user interface
  • Tons of optimized servers for streaming
  • Strict no logging policy
  • Strong encryption AES 256-bit
  • Just 24 hours Free Trial
  • 24-hour Free Trial
Since this service has no data transfer limit, it’s quite handy to have it in case you want to be protected e.g. on public WI-FIs.

Avast Secureline VPNAvast Secureline VPNFREE TRIAL
  • Minimum impact on download speeds
  • Simple user interface
  • Lack of advanced features and settings
  • Not many server locations
  • 7-day Free Trial

Solid VPN solution with basic functions and long enough trial period.

  • Long trial period
  • Minimum impact on download speed
  • Lack of advanced features and settings
  • Not many server locations
  • 30-day Free Trial

Solid VPN solution with a really long trial period and no limitations. Decent server infrastructure with minimal impact on connection speed.

  • Slow connection speed
  • No advanced features
  • 7-day Free Trial

User-friendly and nice interface but provides slow connection speeds.

  • Advanced features
  • Fast speeds
  • Requires account registration
  • Weak encryption
  • Small server network
  • 1-day Free Trial

Relatively new VPN provider offering great speeds. Unfortunately only 1-day Free Trial.

  • A nice & simple user interface
  • Browser extensions
  • Strong encryption
  • Requires account registration
  • Low speed
  • Connection logs
  • 1-day Free Trial

Simple to use with strong encryption. Unfortunately only 1-day Free Trial.

Trust.Zone VPNTrust.Zone VPNFREE TRIAL
  • No logging
  • Based in Seychelles (good privacy jurisdiction)
  • Support for many platforms
  • Unblocks Netflix
  • P2P allowed
  • Requires account registration
  • Basic customer support (only contact form)
  • Very limited on features
  • 3-day Free Trial
  • 1GB maximum download

Great privacy-focused VPN which allows torrenting and unblocks Netflix.

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